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Prime R3 2way

Prime R3 2way

Standard Installed Features:

  • Engine Start/Stop
  • Able to do keyless entry too (optional)
  • Up to 3000 Ft. Range
  • (1) 2way LED 1 Button Remote
  • (1) 1way 1 Button Remote
  • Gas & Diesel Capable
  • Manual Transmission Safe
  • Parking Light Confirmation
  • Operating distance is based on ideal conditions, clear line of sight with no obstructions or interference.
  • Additional parts/labor may be necessary for installation in your vehicle.
    Additions range from $20-$180

Optional Features:

  • Lock/Unlock (Keyless Entry) $20
  • Smart Phone Control $150Provides Unlimited Range
    1st 30 Days of Service FREE
  • Rear Defrost Activation $40
  • Manual Transmission $70
  • Heated Seat Activation $40/Drivers Seat, $20/Passenger Seat
Owner's Manual
Starting at $260.00
*Additional parts and labor may be necessary for installation in your vehicle.

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Customer Reviews

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By on 11-19-2017

"This is a great product, simple and compact. Just one button which makes it easy - One press to lock, double press to unlock, and press and hold for 3 seconds to remote start (and also to remote shutdown). Works reliably every time - it has never failed to start, and I have not been able to truly test the start distance as it always works.

My only gripe is the 2-way remote confirmation beeps 3 times fairly loudly. You may like that feedback but I wish there was option to make it only flash lights. I've resorted to using the 1-way remote (The pack includes one of each remote) as the range is still farther than I need and it has never not started. Otherwise awesome product."

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20 Years Experience
Remote Starters make great gifts!

Professional Installation!

With 20 years experience in the 12volt industry I have installed just about everything in just about every make of vehicle.  I have been doing high end remote start / alarm installs the entire 20 years.  Having owned my own retail shop for 5 years I understand the concerns and doubts associated with remote starters and alarms. 

Let me assure you that I know what I'm doing; using the latest technology and resources to install all products fast and professionally you will be happy with the results.  In some cases a vehicle is new to me, but before I ever touch the vehicle I do the research to make sure it can be done in a safe way for you and the vehicle.

In most cases extra parts are needed

With the advances in today's vehicles many times additional parts are needed to install a remote starter or alarm.  This may sound like a problem but with the modules I use it has never been easier and safer for your vehicle.  I use the iDatalink brand bypass modules to insure a clean, safe install.


Benefits of iDatalink Modules:

  • Vehicle specific firmware
  • Updateable Online
  • No giving up a key for the installation
  • Safe DATA communication to vehicle
  • Less wire tapping into vehicle
  • Faster / Cleaner installations