Why is a phone app the best choice?

There are a multitude of advantages to an app based remote car starter beyond the basics of being able to start your car from anywhere at any distance. Below we cover a few of these overlooked advantages along with the obvious ones. Try to picture yourself in some of the scenarios we lay out and we're sure you'll find that you fall into more of them than you realize.

Do you commute to work via the Bus or Train?

This is a great scenario for phone apps, one of the best when it comes to the remote start capability. Most times when taking the bus or train you're not within range to use a standard remote starter fob. To use a remote fob you'd have to wait until you are around the corner from your vehicle before you could remote start it. By the time you get to the car it's likely only been running for 2-3 minutes, which is not even close to enough time to warm it up when it's below freezing.

Once again an app has you covered.

Since phone apps use cell towers to communicate, you have an unlimited working distance. You could start the car from miles away while riding to the park-n-ride and know that your vehicle will be toasty warm by the time you arrive.

No more $150 Locksmith calls when you lock your keys in the car

Have you ever accidentally locked your keys in the car and had to call a locksmith service to come out? Those services can be expensive and very time consuming. Just think of how long you have to sit and wait for that service person to arrive and then no telling how long it will take them to actually get in the vehicle, all while hoping that they don't damage the vehicle (which is very common). If we add up the typical service call of $150 plus let's say at least 1 hour of time while you wait and then the possibility that they do additional damage to the vehicle, well it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

DroneMobile to the rescue

Now all that could be avoided with the DroneMobile phone app. Pull out your phone and send an unlock command to gain access to your car again (*there can be instances where this won't work or certain vehicles that this may not work as expected). Even if you locked your phone in the car too, if you can get access the the DroneMobile website and login, you can send commands from there too.

No extra remotes to carry on your keychain or in your purse.

Most people prefer to avoid anything extra to carry in their pockets or purse. Typically (depends on exact vehicle) a Smart Phone app install is paired with the ability to remote start the car from your factory key fob by pressing the lock button 3 times. The advantage to this is you get the unlimited distance of the phone app, but if for some reason you only needed a short distance to start it quick, you could use your factory key. Understand that the factory fob method only works as far as the lock button works right now, so typically 100-300ft.

This concept is especially useful for anyone who keeps their keys in their bag or brief case. No rifling through the bottom of your bag for your keys, just pull out your phone instead!

No more distance limitations

With traditional handheld remotes you are always limited to using it to within the rated working distance of the remote. That may be as short as 500ft or as far as 3 miles on the very top end of the spectrum. Now the reality is that these distance ratings are based on ideal perfect conditions, meaning little to no radio interference and nothing between you and the vehicle. Most of the time you will not be in one of those ideal conditions, so the working distance will drop accordingly depending on the situation. Several times the drop can be 50% or more.

Hopefully you're getting the idea here, the Phone App win again!

Phone app based remote starters like the DroneMobile use cell towers and satellites to communicate, so they are far less susceptible to interference and building obstructions. Now, not to say that phones don't have cell coverage issues, but it's not nearly as common.

Basically what we are saying is that you are no longer limited to the working distance of a handheld remote. The DroneMobile will work at any distance anywhere as long as the phone has either cell signal or WiFi. You could be on vacation in Florida and make sure you didn't forget to lock your car sitting at the airport here in Minnesota.

Is there a lot of radio interference or bad cell reception where you work / live.

Maybe you work in a hospital, school or at the airport where radio interference is a big problem. Maybe you work in a big building that has poor cell reception. The DroneMobile website is your clear solution. A big advantage to using the DroneMobile device is that you don't even need a phone to activate it; you can simply log on to the website and perform any function right from there. As long as you have use of a computer with internet access (a phone or iPad on wifi works also), you can control your car from there.

But I really don't want a subscription fee...

Lets take a look at some examples of really how easy it is to pay for a DroneMobile subscription. We'll base our examples on the 3 year rate plan, which breaks down to roughly $3.60/month. Now understand that you do pay the full 3 years up front for $130. So try not to look at this as a subscription, cause in this example its really not, you're simply paying for 36 months worth of service and then you don't have to worry about paying the fee month-after-month cause it's already been paid. Then when 3 years is up, DroneMobile will let you know it's time to renew and you can switch it up or continue on the same plan as before.

  1. How many times a month do you go to a fast food restaurant for a burger and fries or your favorite large hot beverage from the local coffee shop? For less than the price of your pumpkin-spiced latte or the burger alone, you've paid for a FULL month of DroneMobile service. Warm car in the winter and cool car in the summer... TOTALLY worth it!
  2. A single night out to dinner with the family can run $40-80 and that only feeds you 1 time. You could pay for an entire year of DroneMobile service for less than that single night out to dinner. Not to say that DroneMobile can compare or replace the heartfelt memory of dinner with your family, but you get the idea.
  3. How often do you pay for a car wash at the gas station or detail shop? A $25 wash at Paradise would pay for the entire winter season of DroneMobile service. How many times has that car wash been wasted cause it snowed right after you washed the car...

We're simply trying to illustrate that you shouldn't think of the DroneMobile service as a subscription fee. We're just pointing out countless times each day that you have done something in daily life that could have paid for the DroneMobile service many times over.

26 Years Experience
Professional Installation!

With 26 years experience in the 12volt industry I have installed just about everything in just about every make of vehicle. I have been doing high end remote start installs the entire 26 years. Having owned my own retail shop for 5 years I understand the concerns and doubts associated with remote starters and alarms.

Let me assure you that I know what I'm doing; using the latest technology and resources to install all products fast and professionally you will be happy with the results. In some cases a vehicle is new to me, but before I ever touch the vehicle I do the research to make sure it can be done in a safe way for you and the vehicle.

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