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5.0 211 reviews

"I love my remote, this is my second one that I have purchased from them. They did a fast and professional job. Even my kid has gone over there and had a remote starter installed.
Reasonably priced and local."

"Great service, quick install and overall very happy with the results. I would recommend JD to friends and family."

"JD installed a remote starter on my truck. It was still working awesome until I had a new key made for the truck. I contacted JD 10 years later and he diagnosed the issue and told me how to fix it. The remote works great again. Great customer service after 10 years. Thank you JD!"

"I am extremely satisfied with my remote starter. The install was courteous and fast. I would recommend Remotely Started to anyone. This is the real deal"

"This company is amazing! During our family Christmas party, we "stole" our parents car and JD got the job done super quick. We were able to wrap my parents actual set of keys (with the new starter fob). How FUN is that? Brooklyn was amazing too; walking me through everything we would need to know and do ahead of time to make this surprise work out. Thank you!"

"Fast install, very professional communication and service. I had this remote starter installed on my wife's Nissan Armada as a Xmas present but wound up presenting it early due to the recent cold snap. She has been 100% satisfied with it. Thanks again!"

"In and out in like 30-40 mins. My boyfriend got me a starter for a Christmas present since I always complain about starting my car on the cold winter mornings. JD was amazingly fast and very knowledgeable about my car. He knew things about it that I didn’t even know! The starter works so well! I’ve been at work on the 4th floor and the starter still connects to my car in the parking lot! Blew me away when I walked outside and saw it going! I would definitely recommend JD to any and everybody! I hope for nothing but good things to you and your family JD! Thank you so much! Happy holidays!!"

"JD was incredibly kind, and his professionalism during the install is greatly appreciated. The install took less than 45 minutes (bear in mind each model car is different, mine being an older '05 Hyundai Sante Fe). I have not had working fobs since the second year I purchased the car. So not only did I receive an amazing Car Starter, but two fobs included with the cost of installation. It has already been the best investment I've made in my vehicle over the past 5 years. No more walking out to a cold car during the winter days. Thanks, JD & Brooklyn! I will for sure be back in the future!"

"I had JD install my remote a few years back and had a issue with my remote I contacted JD and he fixed it over the phne this guy is awesome thats why I take my stuff to him he just deals with 1 thing he walked me thru the process and it worked . Thanks JD you ROCK!!!! I highly recommend this place he does very good work."

"I’ve used Remotely Start for 4 separate vehicles, and each time the install has been professional, and I’ve never had an issue. Prices are competitive, and I’ve recommended RS Minnesota to all friends and family."

""20/10 would highly recommend! Exceptional work, we’ve had the car starter installed for two months now. I know females can be hesitate going to someone’s house, allow me to reassure you we felt safe and comfortable! He even went the extra mile to check our battery life, he saved us from breaking down in the future. Thanks again JD.""

"Had this installed in my 2012 Silverado. Took JD about 25 minutes! Love it! Had one installed in our Mazda earlier that day!! They work great. JD was very professional!! Would recommend his company to anyone."

"The install was done correctly and fast! I find myself using it even though it hasn't been that cold... I'm very happy with the results...
Thank you RemotelyStartedMN !"

"JD installed a remote starter in my truck over 7 years ago. The system still works great. When I have had questions I email JD and he gets back to almost immediately. Not only great work but great customer service!"

"Great and fast service and very efficient at that as well. He greeted me very nicely, let me relax inside while he installed my remote starter took him less than 30 mins. He does a great job and knows exactly what he's doing! I will definitely be going to him for future vehicles when needed. I definitely recommend. Thank you again JD."

"After researching places to take my still relatively new 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to get remote start installed on it (didn't get it equipped with it from the factory due to how I optioned it), I'm pinching myself for not finding this place early on because they are TOP NOTCH! Unlike other places, remote start installation is all they do! Since I'm pretty much relatively close to where I park my car for work and stuff, I decided to just go for the direct fit that allows for starting from the fob by way 3 of pressing the lock button 3 times. Not even a half-hour later, it was all installed! Got a little demo of how to use it too after the fact and can't be happier. Highly recommend!"

"JD was awesome. I was a little leary going to his home at first but my dad Ronald Jacobsen referred me so I figured I was good. His home is set up nicely for customers and has internet available if needed. I was in and out in about 25 minutes. He explained and showed we how everything worked. Super easy process. Very happy so far with the product. Glad I went to him."

"I had questions during quoting, gave JD a call and he quickly answered and pointed me to the remote starter that would work best for my needs. On installation, JD was very professional, detailed, and fast (completed and on my way in 30 minutes). Once he was done installing, he thoroughly went through how to operate each function and what to look for in response on my 2-way remote as I had not used one before. I will be recommending him to anyone looking to get themselves a remote starter from a knowledgeable person. Highly impressed and very thankful to have found Remotely Started. Thank you, JD!"

"A+ to this company, JD professional and fast. I went to install my starter remote on Nov 30th at 3pm and at 3:20pm I was out. I recommend this company 200%. Thank you JD👏"

"JD does awesome work! Only took about 15 minutes. Happy customer here!"

"We bought our daughter a remote car start for Christmas (early present), and today it was installed.
My wife and daughter went to JD and Brooklyn's home, where the install was done in their garage.
This was by far the best customer service experience they have had in a long time - maybe ever!
They had a nice comfortable place to wait, were offered coffee or tea, and got to meet their two adorable dogs - Lilly & Jack. This was the most pleasant and enjoyable car service ever, and when the installation was done, JD went over the use of the system in detail, and made sure my daughter knew how to use. I can't recommend these folks any higher. I'd give 10 stars if I could!"

"Great customer service. Stands by on his installs and product."

"Works great no issues at all !! Great customer services."

"It was a very painless experience! Not sure why I waited so long to get a car starter!! The service was exceptional and JD and Brooklyn were very wonderful to work with. They were welcoming and the service was very efficient. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a car starter installation!"

"I did A LOT of research prior to selecting Remotely Started. JD and Brooklyn are very knowledgeable and very nice people. The entire process went smoothly. Do yourself a favor and get your remote starter installed by JD. I drove from over an hour away, so if you're anywhere near the Twin Cities, this is the best place to go! 5 out of 5 stars."

"I had a great experience with JD and Brooklyn. The service was very professional and both of them were very friendly. Highly recommend to everyone who needs the remote start"

"After getting my quote last year and procrastinating, this year an email reminder was all it took to schedule my appointment. Ease of purchase, scheduling and the attention to detail makes Remotely Started the absolute best. JD was great and my install was quicker than I expected. If you need a remote starter don’t go anywhere else. This is the expertise and the best pricing you want."

"JD was great. My wife is very happy with her remote start. The initial installation was quick and my wife was back on the road in no time. A few days later, I reprogrammed our car key FOB (would not recommend doing this after having your system installed) and it messed with the starting capabilities. JD has us bring the car back and he was able to fix it quickly. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have a remote start system installed."

"This is the 2nd remote start system I have had Remotely Started install. The units operate as advertised and the time it took to install then was surprisingly fast.
I would definitely recommend JD and his products."

"After a month of having my remote start, I absolutely love it. Granted, I never had one before! JD was most awesome and have recommended him highly to my friends, associates and family!"

"Very smooth process from scheduling the installation to actual install of the remote stater on our 19’ Toyota Highlander. In and out in less than half an hour. My wife loves it, now she can start her car at work while inside the building and her seats and interior are nice and warm. JD is a true professional who explains how everything works. I highly recommend Remotely Started MN."

"Very happy with the remote start. A year later, I had to replace the ECM (computer) in my car. I had new keys made/ programmed so the remote would no longer work . The ECM did not go out due to the remote starter. He gave me step by step instructions on how to pair the new keys to the starter.
This guy is a real class act and I will be bringing future cars to him. Thank you!"

"Very happy with the service i received. Remote works extremely well through 3 block walls to start my car. JD was very thorough with his explanation on how to use. Would very highly recommend"

"I have just came to remotely started for my third vehicle. I have a positive experience every time. I drive over 2 hours one way just to have him do my remote start install. Affordable and fast. Thank you again!"

"I'm very late in this review. I've had my current Drone remote start that I purchased 2 years ago and could not be happier. Prior to that I had purchased a remote starter for my previous vehicle. First, the ease of selection and customer service are A+++. The responses were quick and any questions I had JD promptly answered. The installation was in less than an hour, 3 hours less than most places I had researched. Second, I found the cost to be less than most quotes I also received. JD makes sure there are no hidden fees and explains everything in detail. Third, it's great getting an email each fall advising on how to check if things are working correctly. JD is top notch!"

"I had the Drone Mobile starter installed in late February and I just LOVE it (I re-upped my subscription already for the next 3 years, too.)

The app is easy to use, and I have never had it fail (meaning not start my car).
Highly recommended for anyone who cannot see their car from where they want to start it. This thing literally works for me from over 500yards away, and through walls a blast proof building. So.... it works! Well worth the the money!

Oh! AND this product was 20 dollars less than the dealer's remote start and it has way more functionality. I'm glad I already knew I would be bringing my car to JD when I bought it :)"

"I had a remote start installed in my Ford Fusion and I am very disappointed in the customer service. I paid $335 to have it installed and was not informed until after it was installed that I had to take it to ford to make it work and pay another $110. It would have been nice to know that before he installed it. I would have went somewhere else. Installing these remote starters are mostly plug n play and only takes 20 minutes to install and he chargers $335. He makes a lot of money doing this. He says if you give a referral he will give you a gift card to target, well that gift card is only $10. He makes hundreds and will give you only $10 for a referral. I will not refer anyone in the future"

Remotely Started says:

It saddens us that you feel this way. For clarification, the 2013-2014 Fusion may need a TSB update from Ford to fix a Ford issue that has nothing to do with the our remote start install or system. This Ford issue only affects a small portion of the 2013-2014 model year Fusions and there is absolutely no way to know if you car requires the update until after the remote start is installed. No matter where or who installed the remote starter, you would have been required to have the Ford update done. Whether the dealer charges for this update is beyond our control and scope of our install.

Although there certainly are many vehicles that use a plug-n-play kit, your car was not installed this way. So that has no bearing in this instance. You are paying for our 20+ years of experience to be able to provide a fast excellent service in 20 minutes.

We do have a referral program and it's literally the only one in the country that we've ever seen or heard of in our industry. We thank everyone for their referrals by providing a gift card that is outside of our business. We could simply send a thank you card with a kind note and NO gift card, but we go the extra mile to give back to those that gave to us with a gift card also.

"Great product! Works just as described and has made my wife very happy this winter. JD & Brooklynn were great to work with. One of the easiest experiences I've had. Great service, quick and professional. I was in and out with a complete run through on how the product worked in less than 30 minutes. Highly recommended!"

"Very Quick, Knowledgeable and Pleasant to work with. Price is good also."

"The system performs exactly as advertised with a impressive range. The install time was quicker than estimated and operating instructions by JD were spot on. I am very satisfied with the entire transaction and the hospitality extended to me during install."

"Got us in for a Saturday appointment. JD was waiting for me and did a quick and excellent job installing the remote. Very professional. Thank you!"

"Just got home from bringing my girlfriends vehicle from her 3 o clock appointment at Remotely Started JD was waiting right when I pulled up and showed me the waiting area and got started right away.. He finished in about 20 minutes!!! Great customer service and great people!!! Highly recommend!!!!"

"5 stars all the way! JD is a real pro. He had my starter installed in about 20 minutes. I could not be happier, or more impressed by his operation and my new remote start."

"I received the remote starter as a Christmas gift, as well as having the appointment set for me. I had another appointment at the same time, so I had to drop my vehicle off early. No problem. FYI: When you arrive, park in the street! I told them it might be after their posted closing time before I could get back to pick it up. Again - no problem.
Installation took less than an hour. In fact, they were finished before I was done at my other appointment.
I was able to get back before they closed. They went through use/operation of the remote, took only a few minutes.
It has been AWESOME! I love getting into a warm vehicle.
Thank you, Remotely Started!"

"Great service they made an exception to their normal hours just to fit me in with my schedule.
Installed in less than hour."

"Fantastic! I was told by Fiat that remote starters didn’t work in their vehicles. Contacted Remotely Started and wow I’m so happy I did. It took JD under an hour to install and it works great. I live on the 5th floor of a100 yr old building and park across the street behind my building, car starts remotely EVERY SINGLE TIME! I am beyond happy and will recommend Remotely Started to everyone. There’s a reason for the perfect reviews for this place!"

"This place came recommended to me, and I could not have been more happy with the experience. The whole process took less then an hour. JD and Brooklynn were both great. Highly highly recommend"

"I was very pleased with the service I received, my remote starter was installed quickly and professionally. My remote starter works great especially this time of year when it’s so cold out."

"Within the last year I got a new vehicle and the thing I missed the most was the remote start. Remotely Started MN installed a remote starter on my new car and I couldn't be happier! It is better than the one I had before and the installation was quick. I would definitely recommend their service!"

"I am very happy with my first remote start ever! The range is incredible I can start my car from inside the mall or an office building without seeing my car. Super happy and would recommend Remotetly started anyone!"

"This is the third Drone Mobile I have had installed by them. They work great and the installation was no problem at all. They are very helpful, you will not be disappointed."

"I have now used Remotely Started MN for two of my vehicles and have been impressed both times! Scheduling is a breeze and they truly make you feel at home on install day. I've never had a question that wasn't instantly resolved. If you are considering making an appointment, look no further!"

"The service was fast and precise. I would definitely recommend RemotelyStartedMN in Apple Valley to anyone looking to have a reasonably priced starter installed and wanting quality and speedy service."

"This is my second install by JD. So much better than the Nissan factory remote starts. The process is so easy and fast. Couldn't be more pleased."

"I was so pleased with the entire process. JD was efficient, friendly and fast. He explained everything perfectly. He even called me after I left because he forgot to tell me about the rear window defrost. I highly recommend JD's business!"

"I don't write much for reviews. I have to be impressed in order for me to take the time to write a review. I need a remote start for my truck and was not sure what to buy. I found Remote start on line and the website was the so easy to use. Plus I was scheduled with in 3 days and the process took 30 minutes. when I was waiting I was offered a soda or water. 100% will recommend to anyone."

"So happy with my remote stater and the installation! He was friendly and I just relaxed for about 20-30 minutes and BAM he was done! Remotes work exactly how they were explained and I haven't had any issues.

I would recommend this company to my friends and family."

"I just got my existing auto starter working again on my VW 2014 Jetta/Push Button Start from a previous installer out of town. JD was quick to follow up with me with my dilemma. He laid out the 3 options and costs of me getting the key-less fobs and auto starter operational again. Given I drive the VW I had technicians unsure on what to do, or just wanting me to buy a whole new system. The solution that I decided to go with it took JD a hour to fix. He even got my trunk working. He is worth driving across the cities for and will be 1st call when I get a different vehicle."

"8/13/18 I got my auto start put in on my 2016 Chrysler 200 and it works great. The work was very fast and the equipment is easy to learn how to use. After speaking on the phone with JD several times he cleared up all my questions and made it really easy for me to make my decision. I definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for great quality auto start installment. Five stars across the board!"

"JD installed a remote start in my daughters car and from the time I reached out to him online to the actual installation, JD was extremely responsive and knowledgeable. His prices seemed better than the competition and he exceeded our expectations on time on availability to get in as well as time to install the product. He did a great job getting our device registered and explaining to my daughter how to use it. Will definitely recommend JD to anyone looking for a remote start in their vehicle."

"Fantastic service experience from start to finish! The website is super easy to use, and the actual setup coordination process was a breeze - from getting a quote on through to scheduling service, the responses from JD and Brooklyn were near immediate.

The email communications were clear and complete - very professional all-around.

My installation was done in under an hour, and everything works like a champ!

For anyone interested in Remotely Started MN's services, proceed with confidence - you will not be disappointed.

Thank you JD and Brooklynn - I will highly recommend you going forward!"

"Fantastic. Very happy with both starter and service. Super speedy install. Would recommend to anyone."

"We were greeted by JD, Brooklyn and their daughter on Friday, February 2nd. Install was done on a 2014 F150 and we purchased the 1 way Compustar model. They were very welcoming,pleasant and offered us coffee or water. We were expecting to be there for awhile but installation only took 25 minutes!!! He did a great job explaining how to use our new remote starter as we'd never had one before. Very professional, quick installation! I highly recommend going to see JD and Brooklyn. Friendly, fast and efficient! Prices were lower than their competitors. It's a plus that they accept credit cards too. Our starter works perfectly and we are so happy we got one! Thanks!"

"Had a remote start installed in my 2016 Toyota Sequoia last month. Went with the model that allows me to keep the factory remote. Installation was perfect, they have a great process for scheduling with timely reminders. They ONLY do remote starts which is a big plus compared to a lot of shops that install remote start systems but seem to put more emphasis on other vehicle add ons. We'll be back if we ever need another one."

"Excellent! Great communications and service! Quick in-and-out installation. Everything went smoothly and all works perfectly! The price was very reasonable, lower than other places. I went into Best Buy first and, after realizing that they didn't seem to know much about remote starters, I sat in the parking lot and found Remotely Started from a Google search. I am so glad that I did! Thanks!"

"JD is Great! He has installed remote starts in several vehicles for me over the past several years. He is Professional, Proficient, and reasonably priced. You will be very happy with his work on your vehicle. Thank you JD for your fine service over the past several years. I appreciate the remote start! CH"

"A great family owned and operated business. I felt comfortable from the minute I stepped inside their home. I was a bit early but JD got me right in the garage. Brooklyn was very welcoming and offered me coffee. The install took about 45 minutes. JD went over the systems operation and answered questions that I had. I was very impressed how organized and efficient their business was operated. I would highly recommend Remotely Started MN to anyone."

"I was very impressed by the customer service and installation work of JD and Brooklyn. I had my Drone remote starter installed just a few days after our initial contact, which was even more impressive since it was in the middle of December! They have a very comfortable waiting area with sofas, chairs, free wifi and coffee. Though the install was such a quick process, I wasn't there very long. The Drone app has been AMAZING. I used it during this cold snap to start my car in the MSP airport parking ramp while in Memphis. And as soon as our plane landed at MSP, I started my car so it was toasty warm by the time I got to it. I would highly recommend JD and the Drone system!!"

"JD is a very detailed installer, and Brooklynn is very efficient at giving quotes and scheduling. (They make a great team!) The install was on a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria and last year a 2013 Ford F150. The wife and I enjoy our 2 way remote starters, it gives you confirmation that the vehicle is running when you can not see it. Remotely Started is Highly Reccommended!!"

"The Compustar starter works great in my wife's Honda Fit and the experience getting it installed with JD and Brooklyn was top notch. I was in and out in about 40 minutes and everything went very smoothly. Yes, this is a "home business" for them but they were completely professional and customer-oriented. This is what they do and they are obviously very good at it. I can recommend Remotely Started MN to anyone without reservations. Thanks!"

"The Toyota Factory remote starter is working great.
Thank you"

"There was some minor problems installing the hardware on my vehicle but after JD replaced one of the components, everything worked as it should- no bugs in either the Compustar Ford Direct Fit or the Drone Mobile app. Both the Compustar Ford Direct Fit and Drone Mobile app have worked flawlessly using either the key fob or the app with no problems in the hardware, or interfacing with the existing electronics in the vehicle.
I think it is as good as the factory device in our other vehicle and I would recommend Remotely Started MN and Compustar Ford Direct Fit w/Drone to anyone."

"This product works perfectly. The installation was done right, professionally and on time. I highly recommend using Remotely Started MN."

"Great service, great product and extremely cordial team! I would highly recommend using them for any installation of a remote start product!!"

"I searched for "remote starter" online and noticed Remotely Started MN and that they were local to me. I figured I would at least give a call. From first call to the install, JD and Brooklyn gave top notch service. I couldn't be happier with my choice."

"We had two instaiied . Fast installation great equipment and very fair price. Both work great!"

"Was referred here by a previous customer. Well worth it. The price was amazing. There were plenty of installation times available, chose the best one. Received plenty of emails reminding me of the appointment and of my order. I arrived a few mins early and they were happy to greet me and get me settled and started. Free wi-fi, comfortable home. Installer was quick and efficient. After installation, everything was explain in detail and I left feeling comfortable with my product and the installation.

Have had it now for a few weeks and very pleased. No issues, no concerns and now for winter I have a nice and toasty car!!

Thank you!"

"I found Remotely Started MN online and after reading all of the great reviews, I had to check them out. Brooklynn was very courteous and extremely knowledgeable with the equipment. She helps you find the right product for your needs. My unit was a direct fit so JD completed the installation in about 40 minutes!

I have had my unit for a month now with zero issues. JD and Brooklynn run their business from home but are very professional. The whole process was hassle free. I highly recommend!

Thank you JD and Brooklynn!"

"It's been a month since JD installed my Compustar GM Direct Fit w/1WG6 remote start. Couldn't be more pleased with the product and the install service. I was in and out in 45 minutes, price was exactly as quoted and the product works great. This is my second remote start, but the first installed by Remotely Started MN. World of difference in product and install service from the last remote start I had installed. I would highly recommend the product and the installer."

"Super fast installation and great service. I am enjoying my remote start and it is working perfectly fine. I would highly recommend remotely start mn to anyone."

"Needed to replace the remote start I had previously installed. After checking a number of businesses I contacted Remotely Started MN. Absolutely the best choice, easy in and out in under 1 hour, competitive pricing, quality product, and very customer service oriented. If you are thinking about a remote start make this your choice you won't regret it. I would double the star rating if I could."

"Everything was great. Operated out of a home and was smoother and more personal then any business. Now a month later I am still happy with service as well as suggestions they made regarding style and needs regarding a starter"

"The installation was quick and very reasonably priced, showed me how it all worked and had me back on the road within an hour or so. Highly recommend!"

"I have had my remote starter for almost a month now . It works great . JD did a great job with the install and explaining the use of it after . I would highly recommend him for a remote starter install !!"

"Awesome service and a product that really does the job. I would recommend remotely started any time."

"What great service JD and his family provide along with a wonderful product!"

"My wife always wanted a remote start for our Camry. A quick google search led me to Remotely Started.

Once I picked the model, it couldn't have been any easier. In addition to great communication and installation, they helped me keep the whole thing a secret from my wife...who drives the car every day.

Great experience from start to finish."

"I decided one day I wanted remote starts put in our car and truck. I started searching on line and came across this web site and seen all the great reviews on here and decided to go with this site. I had a remote start put in our car and truck in the same week and could not be happier that I went with JD and his wife. Very nice people and very warm welcome into there home to wait tell the job was done. It also was done very fast. Very happy with the equipment also. I will let all my friends and family know about these people. Thanks again for you great service."

"This was the easiest process ever. Fast install, cost half as much as a dealership, next day appointment, no nonsense. I'd recommend to anyone. A+ all the way."

"Do you work hard for your money and want an excellent product /installation? Then look no more! Quick response, my wife thought it was automated, but no, Brooklyn was fast to reply! Invited into their home for the install, not a sterile shop. Upon completion JD explained the installation, use of remote, and answered any questions! Quality install!
Thank-you, Tim."

"I had my 2nd remote starter installed by JD a couple weeks ago. He gives you a discount for.multiple vehicles in the same season. And both installs were fabulously done, fast, efficient and exactly as requested. I don't see myself ever going anywhere else.for this service. A perfect evaluation. I could not be happier with there service. Being done in a home concerned me only until I read the glowing reviews. And I now add to them. Wonderful service and environment."

"Had my 2nd remote starter installed today by JD. I was there for maybe a total of 50 minutes of sitting in the lovely living room. LOVED my first starter, and he gives you a discount for a 2nd. Was one of the best business experiences I have ever had both vehicles. AWESOME work,! I will always return to him for future starters."

"I had another remote start installed by JD. Perfect again! I wouldn't even look anywhere else, and always recommend Remotely."

"A super experience from the initial contact for an estimate to job completion the next day! Putting it simply, JD knows his stuff when it comes to remote car starters. I purchased a two way starter for my wife's car for a Christmas present and she says it was the best present ever, better than jewelry! JD is a consummate professional and a nice guy! 5 Star experience!!"

"Don't hesitate, go get it installed here! Did both our vehicles, distance and two-way confirmation is great. Wife can start her car from her office desk!"

"This is the first time I ever had a remote start and now being without a garage! I LOVE my remote start!! Very happy with the service and am extremely happy to have my remote start in my car.
Thank you!"

"I had my remote starter installed today. I arrived 10 minutes ahead of my apt. He took me in immediately and I was out of there in an hour. Very professional. Very accommodating. A nice area to wait in, with a cute little dog! And a keurig coffee pot at my disposal! I will be going back in a month or so to have one installed in another vehicle. I had previously had a remote starter installed in a previous vehicle at a different shop. It was a very bad experience, from the scheduling to the time frame they needed my car. This experience was a million times better than my previous experience. Remotely started is awesome in all ways!"

"Best price I could find in the area and very happy with the speedy installation. I think it took him all of 45 minutes and I was out the door:) I will definitely be a repeat customer!"

"This is my second remote starter with JD. The service was great and the price is very reasonable. I would recoomend it to anyone who love the remote starter...

thank you"

"Great price and fast installation. It was very easy to make an appointment. I was very impressed with JD and Brooklyn's customer service. I'll definitely be back with my next vehicle."

"I found this site by doing an Internet search and was just a little unsure about a buiness that works out of their home instead of a comercial garage. I had gotten some estimates to compare. Reading the reviews is what convinced me to try JD. What a great find. Good options of remote starters, best price, fastest install time, and they dropped me off at Target so I could do some shopping while the starter was installed, then picked me up when it was finished. I have no doubts where I'll go for my next remote starter."

"This is the second remote starter that JD has installed for me. Both were reasonably priced and have worked flawlessly. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a remote starter."

"I couldn't be happier! JD was friendly and professional. Great service at a more than reasonable price. My appointment was for an hour to add remote start with our factory Nissan keyfob to our 2015 Armada. It only took about 45 min to complete. I did it in July for a birthday present, it was easy to schedule an appt, easy to find their place. Our truck was cool all summer, and will be warm all winter! I will go back and have already recommended them to several friends!"

"JD installed a remote starter on my 2015 Honda Civic and my wifes 2012 Honda Accord. He finished my install in about 30 minutes and my wifes install was about 45 minutes. JD knows what he is doing and his price was lower than the other quotes we got."

"Had JD install this remote start on my wife's 2004 yukon last year and has been a great investment. Have never had any issues with it what so ever. Plan having him install another on a 2008 Acadia."

"I love my remote start!!!
After alot of research & LOTS of questions I had JD install one in my '07 Rav4.
Customer service top notch, friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, fast, professional!
Invited in their home to watch a movie with my kids plus small talk with Brooklyn:)
Would highly recommend!
We love our warm truck:)

Kristin & Melody"

"Love my new remote start! It was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend and much needed for Minnesota winters. Very professional and flexible people to work with."

"Remote start install for a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country. It took me longer to drive to JD's shop then it did for him to install the remote starter. Excellent price. So far so good!"

"fast and feiendly install and I would recommend this to friends and family.

thank you, great job"

"This was the best thing that I ever did. I was nervous about going to a company that was based out of the home, but they were very professional and I would highly recommend anyone to go here. After my remote was installed, he went over all the details about the remote and what I needed to do.

Very professional."

"Fast and efficient less than 90 minutes. Awesome customer service"

"I have had new remote (2 way ) for about a month. So far it has done everything I hoped it would. Would highly recommend Remotely Started Mn. Thank you, Rusty"

"Jd and his wife do an excellent job, very professional from the first call to the installation. This is the second vehicle that JD has installed the remote start in. Will recommend them to our friends and Fo-workers."

"I researched remote starters before settling here. The reviews were all outstanding, so I was sure I could expect a good experience. As an older widowed lady, I needed to know I wasn't going to be taken advantage of and I wanted someone I felt I could trust. This was an excellent experience from start to finish. I have the higher priced Drone and couldn't be happier. I know my vehicle starts every time and I use my phone to do so from deep inside the building at my place of work. The best part was how fast it was installed - just about an hour and I was back on the road again. You truly cannot go wrong here and you're supporting a small business owner as well!!"

"I was very impressed with the skills and knowledge of JD. The work was completed on time as scheduled,"

"This is the second vehicle I've had JD install a remote starter on and once again, I am 100% satisfied. His garage is as clean as an operating room, and unlike the big box stores, he give an honest, up front price quote without all the mystery. As a small business owner myself, I know that word of mouth is our best promotion and I highly and genuinely recommend Remotely Started. If you want a remote starter but you're not sure how it works, go with them. Their website makes it easy and like I said, they give you an up front price with no smoke & mirrors! This time I got the Drone Mobile starter which lets me start my Sorento from anywhere with an app on my phone. I love it!!!"

"I am extremely happy with my experience from start to finish. I drove across town to get my remote start installed and the reason I did this is that Remote Start was the only place that had 5 star reviews. The installation was quick and my remote start works perfectly. I agree with all the reviews. Very professional and proficient. I will definitely be recommending Remote Start to friends and family."

"I used another source for my first remote starter in my other car and had a bad experience. I was sold parts I later found were unnecessary when I only needed reprograming of the unit I had. Cost me lots only to find out that I was scammed. Remotely Started installed my unit in less than an hour and no hassle. Explained all I needed to know and was treated as if they cared about me. Brooklyn is a great host while I waited and I am more than pleased with the results. Keep these guys in business, we need more like them when it comes to customer service."

"Everything about this experience has been amazing and hassle-free! The appointment was easy to make online, as well as comparing the different styles of remote starters. Brooklyn was very welcoming, they open their home to you if you need a place to wait! JD worked very fast, I only had to wait half an hour! They were very professional. If you are considering getting this done, please don't waste your time with Best Buy, I've heard horror stories about that place, come to Remotely Started MN! If I ever have another vehicle I will return here again!"

"I purchased the RF-2WG9-SP 2 way remote and it has been working perfectly. I work on the 15th floor and it reaches all the way to the parking ramp. Very useful with the upcoming winter cold.
JD was super professional and actually was able to fit me in earlier than scheduled which was really helpful. I was in and out in about an hour.
Overall a great experience. I have suggested JD to all my co-workers and family that are looking for a remote start"

"Never had a remote, really like it. Never really thought the reviews on websites were true-------but these are. Great place to get your remote starter. I had both by cars done. I Would & I have recommended ."

"Wow! What a fabulous experience!!!!! The process from start to finish was easy, smooth and seamless...
From the incredible and interactive website that let's you pick from YOUR vehicle specific options, to the scheduling, to the speed of installation...I was completely blown away and extremely impressed!!!! This is a wonderful family business that is run by a wonderful family! My two daughters enjoyed playing with JD and Brooklynn's daughters :)
I will send everyone I know to Remotely Started and I will definitely send any others vehicles of mine to them!!
Thank you so much!!
And, the starter is fantastic & trustworthy...and I couldnt be happier!!"

"Wow, what a great experience I had with Remotely Started MN. The whole process from quote to installation was easy and pain free. I arrived and was out the door with my brand new starter within 45 minutes."

"Quite possibly the best business experience i have ever had! From the online quote to the end of the install, Very customer friendly process, Dont be scared away because of the business being run out of his garage these guys (Him and his wife) are very professional and they know there stuff! I was in and out in less than and hour and they had a nice little set up for me to pull up my laptop and work while i waited and offered me a cup of coffee or water , I would highly recommend this shop!"

"I would like to thank Mr JD and this place I sent him a email to see if he could help me get a fab and see if I had a remote start in my vehicle, there was a antenna attached to the windshield for a remote start.. he ask for pics on the antenna and once he saw them he pointed me to 12 volt heaven. and they helped me it was awesome !! Thanks to JD, I now have a fab and happy customer for life thanks guys !! not to many places now adays will go out of their way to point you in the right direction knowing its possible to lose business, JD deserves 5 star !!"

"JD did a great job with the remote/alarm install and is very professional. He took only 1 1/2 hours to work on my car while his wife was a great host. It may be at home, but he is very professional about his work. They offered me coffee, water and treats. It felt like I was at home the whole time. After the install, JD showed me how to use the remote and alarm. I highly recommend JD. His work is too notch!!"

"JD recommended this remote car starter and I took his advice. I am happy that I did. I waited for almost a year after installation to give my review to use it in all types of weather and give it some time. Its hard to take a review 2 days after install and know what you are really getting. This is a great product and glad that it was recommended to me."

"Remarkable products and vey proffesional family business his wife asked me if I would like a ride to Caribou coffee. I chose to stay I was served beverage Installation was done in hour. He gave demonstration how to operate remote. Easy to understand. It works same as key remote. The price is reasonable than competitors. Most shops allow more than four hours to install but JD is quick installer. He knows very well. I highly recommend him. He and his wife are friendly. I am sure you would like his service."

"I too was skeptical about having an installation done at someone's house, but JD, his wife, and family could not have been more welcoming and professional. The installation was quick, JD's tutorial was efficient, and the starter has so far not had any issues. I only wish I had met their cute little doggie when I first got there!"

"I can honestly say that this website is the most unbelievable site that I have visited in a very long time. You can tell that JD has spent hours creating this site making it very easy to navigate. He was very professional and installed my remote start in 40 minutes. I would and have recommended JD to anyone interested in purchasing a remote start. I would definitely return to JD for any of my future remote start needs. Very professional and very responsive. Great job."

"At first I was skeptical JD works out of house but I read all reviews. I decided to give it a try. Website was very clear and friendly. After sent quote, I emailed him many questions. He replied back timely manner. When I dropped car for my appointment, he asked us if we would like a ride to Caribou coffee. His wife gave us a ride. Installation was done in hour. He gave demo how to operate remote. Easy to understand. It works same as key remote fob. The price is reasonable than competitors. Most shops allow 3 to 5 hours to install but JD is quick installer. He knows stuff. I highly recommend him. He is young man. He and his wife are friendly. I am sure you would like JD and his service."

"I was given J.D.'s name from Good Year and the process was so easy. It took less than a hour and the price was better than three places I looked at. When people ask where I got it done I don't hesitate to tell them.

Great Job!"

"JD was recommended to me. Very professional. Website and constant updates were so helpful. Sat in their beautiful home while the install was happening. Free Wi-Fi allowed me to work while I waited. Chatted with the kids and his wife. Overall really good experience. If you need a car starter installed, this is the place to have it done."

"JD was very responsive to my questions. Worked me in for an install quickly and it was done very quickly. I checked other remote options and he was the best. The remote has worked very well."

"J.D. and his wife were very professional during the entire process. J.D.'s wife was kind enough to drive me to a coffee shop while the auto start was being installed (even though it only took 30-45 minutes.) I would absolutely recommend going through J.D. for your auto start needs!!Did I also mention that it literally cost me HALF the price compared to if I went to a car dealership!"

"I would recommend JD and his wife to everybody that wants a remote starter. They know their stuff and were very fast and efficient. Great job, thanks a lot."

"On time, On Budget, flawless instalation, not sure it could be any better..... oh yea, the price was very fair! Thanks for the excellent service."

"Excellent, prompt, reliable and professional service. My daughter absolutely loves the remote start JD installed in her Honda Accord. His wife made the whole process rather stress free and extremely easy. Very nice people, great service and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended. I will not hesitate to give them my business again. Thank you!"

"Love Love Love my remote starter! I chose the cell phone remote starter and kick myself for not getting it earlier. I highly recommend Remotely Started MN for their professionalism, service, and overall wonderful experience. I have their card ready for anyone interested in a remote starter."

"I was weary of the "home" install nature of what was going to be done. I met JD and his wife and it was the most rewarding and encouraging experience of anything I have bought in years. Extremely professional and the work is outstanding. Thanks JD!"

"Had JD install a remote starter in my 2012 Sonata. Absolutely love it. Great install and completely professional."

"I have a friend who has gone thru JD for his last 3 vehicle remote starts, and he came highly recommended. I can see why. Great service, fast, professional, and was able to answer all my questions. Responded to email inquiries in a timely fashion and overall had great customer service from him and his wife. I would also say, they host one of the best websites I've come across, easy to navigate, easy to get your quote, and convenient for scheduling your appointment. Great job!"

"Remotely Started was great, from scheduling my appointment to install!! My friend recommended them and they were very happy with the experience,and I was too! I will definitely be going back for my next vehicle."

"Service was terrific. If it took a half hour from start to finish I would be surprised And you can't tell anything was taken apart to install it. Very professional and great hospitality while waiting."

"You cannot beat the price and the customer service at Remotely Started. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family, and I will definitely be back with my next vehicle!"

"Excellent product! I highly recommend it. I've talked to others who wouldn't have anything else on their vehicles. Very happy!"

"JD and his wife are great. Everything went perfect. Good product, installed perfect.
Booked on website could not have been easier.
Thank you."

"I was first impressed with the website when I started to look at remote start systems.
JD was most helpful and answered all my questions.
My wife couldn't be happier with her remote system!
I will, and do, recommend JD and Remotely Started MN to everyone.
Keep up the good work!"

"I found JD on the web and I first tried a competitor and didn't even get a call back. I am glad because I was very impressed with the service I received. Very friendly and professional, I purchased the Compustar RF-2W1B-SP and my wife living in MN is now very happy and uses it all the time. Thank you and great job!"

"What can I say that hasn't been said already, very reasonable price, quick professional installation. Would recommend to anyone"

"Great. Easy. Nice people, good price. I recommend."

"Excellent starter! Excellent service!"

"Very professional and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get his/her remote starter done. The price was very reasonable and was done quickly. Again, I will definitely recommend it to anyone!! Thanks JD!! Good job!!"

"JD is definitely the man to go to when getting a remote start. He was very friendly and offered to take me to target or Starbucks to wait. Decided to stick around and play on my phone. The remote install took about an hour. He fixed the connection to my floor lights too! On the new remote my car unlocks all doors with one press instead of 5. I swear he must have read my mind!!"

"I can't tell you how pleased I am with my remote starter. I should have had it installed 8 years ago when I first moved to Minnesota. I guess I thought it wasn't worth it on my 2004 Honda, BUT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!! It's so easy to use and it works great. I am happy with my Compustar RF-2WG9-SP remotes. They are small, easy to work. The safety features (hold button for 3 seconds to start and 25 minute engine run limit) are nice too. Installation was completed within 90 minutes. Well worth it!! Thank you!"

"JD is everything these reviews suggest: amazing. Very professional, extremely fast (had my car done in a half hour), and knowledgeable about his products. He opened up his home to me as he worked on my car. His wife offered me something to drink and let me sit in their living room while I waited for JD to complete his work. The remote starter works like a dream and the wife couldn't be happier with her new Christmas present. There aren't enough good things I can say about my experience. I am a thoroughly satisfied customer. Thanks JD!"

"Really appreciated the fast and professional service we received from JD. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for this
type of product/install. Great Job JD!"

"This is the second remote starter I have had installed by JD (the first was about 4 years ago). You really want someone you can trust do an install like this, so to me his years’ of experience was a huge factor. In both cars he had the install done in about an hour and it has been a great add on to my 2014 F150."

"I did my homework and looked at independent reviews on other sites as well as pricing and hands down Remotely Started came out on top. I could not be more happy with my experience and my remote start and app. I highly recommend!"

"I would recommend remotely started to anyone who is thinking about getting a remote starter installed it was fast and the most affordable of anyone I checked jd was incredibly knowlagable he had never done a vehicle like mine but it didn't even seem to fase him at all he was done in less then an hour! Don't waste your time looking around I already did it and jd is the best."

"I purchased this service for myself & my husband. Fast, Fair & courteous service. I will recommend Remotely Started to others looking for this service."

"Fast, professional, and honest. This is how all businesses should be ran. Thanks for the upgrade/install. I will be recommending you to all my friends."

"JD and his Wife were awesome. The entire process was great. Quick and easy. I'm so glad I got this done. I would highly recommend him to everybody.

Thank you for your excellent service!"

"I was happy to have found JD's site when searching for a remote starter. It was simple and straightforward to compare options and get a quote, with no surprises, and to schedule an appointment. He was ready for me when I arrived, and finished the job quickly and professionally. He even helped me finish hooking up a remote tailgate lock I had installed. I couldn't be more pleased with the service, and would recommend him to anyone."

"I knew from looking at this site that Remotely Started was good and competitive, but I was still surprised at how flawless the installation and product ended up. This is how business is done.

JD & his wife were very welcoming and professional. JD works hard and fast. I don't even know where he installed anything, I just know that I have a little remote that works. I left with the impression that nobody knows the ins-and-outs of remote starters like this guy. I was literally in and out in 20 minutes, which included training on how to use it -- and the remote does more than I even expected.

I'll definitely be referring friends & family and bringing future vehicles to these guys!"

"I was looking for a remote starter for Kia Sorento which has factory keyless entry and push button start. Checked on groupon for deals and yelp for reviews. Extremely pleased to have found JD to install the one button Compustar and also activated heated seats too. Sat next to the car to watch how JD meticulously wired the remotes and took great pride in making sure things were done right. What I paid at Remotely Started is probably the same as any groupon deals and I have peace of mind! Once my daughter decides to install one in the RAV4, I will be seeing JD again."

"I had a remote start system installed a few weeks ago. It has worked perfectly so far. Install was very quick. I was given a ride to a local Caribou to wait it out, but my phone was ringing before I knew it, to let me know that it was done. Would definitely recommend. Great experience."

"JD was efficient, fair-priced, and very knowledgeable. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone. I had the opportunity to observe the install, which made me grateful he was doing it and not me. We couldn't be happier with his recommended product and the flawless installation."

"JD did a great job. Works perfectly! I use it to cool my car on the hot days as well. I also like the fact that the direct plug-in does not have to be installed by altering the factory electrical harnesses."

"My Kia Soul and I owe you a huge Thank you JD!!!

For anyone looking to have a remote starter put in this is the place to go!! Very nice, knowledgeable, professional, clean work area and super oober fast!!

Keep up the awesome job!!
Kimberlee Buda"

"I was very impressed with how fast and professional JD was. I was in and out within 25 minutes and the installation was extremely clean. I would highly recommend going to see JD if you are interested in getting a remote start installed, you won't be disappointed."

"I can't stress how great of a job JD did in getting my car in and out of his garage quickly and expertly installed. Very quick install and it shows that he definitely knows what he is doing and he gets right to it. Once I decide on a different model remote start of my other vehicle, I will definitely be contacting JD to install it."

"Excellent product. The gentleman that installed my remote start product in my manual truck did an excellent job and was very professional. I highly recommended this company to everyone that is looking to have a remote start placed in their vehicle. The installation and product was a very reasonable price."

"JD installed a remote starter on my 2003 Trailblazer and it is heaven on earth to have! JD was super quick and everything is way beyond my expectations. If you are thinking of a starter, you won't find a better man to do it than him!"

"Great value! Part of the value may have been the professional install and tutorial from JD upon receipt. On our now old 07 Rav4, the OEM key works fine for remote start, but we haven't yet tested range competetively to see if the key or the included remote has better range. Both fall a bit short from Mrs. office, so if range is an issue from in an office building, pay for one with more. You only have to buy it once. Works more often than not from restaurants. Overall simple, functional and as advertised."

"JD Installed my remote start quickly and expertly. If you are going to get a remote start; and you should if you live in the north, JD is the guy!"

"I had JD install a auto start and keyless entry on my Subaru Legacy and I was amazed of the speed and quality of his work, took less than an hour and it works great. A true professional, anyone looking for an auto start you have to check this guy out!!"

"I recently had JD install a remote starter on my wife's 2010 Nissan Rogue. Starter works great. Very nice to have during the winter. JD did a fantastic job on the install. Very clean and professional job. Installation was completed very quickly.

I will definitely go to JD for any future remote starter installs."

"JD has a great business. I would highly recommend to anyone. Great rates and very professional and thorough. Will do future business with Remotely Started for more installs. Thanks for being a trustworthy company!"

"I had a remote start put on my wife's Ford Escape for Christmas. I was hesitant to meet someone at his house to have the work done since my wife's vehicle is new. However, reading over the reviews eased my concern. I went to JD's house and left my afternoon open since I didn't know how long it would take. To my surprise, JD invited me to wait at his house while he did the work. JD made the work look very simple and it took about 20 minutes total. My wife has been very pleased with the starter and has not had any problems with it or any other complaints. We are all around very satisfied."

"I bought my car in August and after dealing with winter (I park outside) until about the middle of December I decided I needed a remote start. I shopped around and not only was Remotely Started cheaper, but their waiting time wasn't 3 to 6 weeks long. I had to wait a week and I was told that the install would take 50 minutes. It took 35 and I was on my way. I appreciate this kind of service and it saved me 150 to 300 over Best Buy. What a great business!"

"Remotely Started has installed a remote starting system on 3 of my vehicles over the past 5 years and all 3 installs were completed in a timely manner and with no issues. I have heard horror stories from others and even experienced one myself about 10 years ago. I wasn't sure if I was ready for another install, but JD convinced me that he would take care of everything and that he would be available if any issues came up later. He installed the system and I had no reasons to call him for service... until I got another vehicle. He even fixed my dash light. Thank you JD and Brooklynn! You guys are the best!"

"JD was extremely knowledgable and professional in every aspect of the install. His facility was very clean, comfortable and organized. His prices were competitive and he installs in vehicles with manual transmission. This was a very difficult install (2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 6 speed manual) and he had it installed in an hour with no issues. Great installer!"

"Just had a Compustar RF-2WG9-SP 2-way remote start installed on my 99 tacoma and couldn't be happier. I pulled into the garage and 45 minutes later and after a quick tutorial I was on my way.

The remote start works even though I'm down a side hill and on the other side of my condo building. This thing is awesome, I'm not sure how I lived without it. I'll be recommending JD to anyone who needs a remote starter installed at a reasonable price."

"I had JD do two cars for me the first week of January 2014. One was a surprise for my dad for his truck and the other one was mine. Estimated time was 1-2 hours each. Overall, both car probably took JD about an hour and 15 minutes. Both remote starters works great! Love the price (cheapest I've found), love the work, didn't mind driving 35 minutes to get to JD's place for it. Have already recommend to some of my friends and coworkers.

Thanks JD, and your wife for giving me a ride to Target while I waited for the installation. Thanks for the great work again!"

"Professional, fast installation. JD will answer questions and assist customers after the sale. Just had my 3rd starter system installed by RemotelyStarted and will be back next time we purchase another vehicle."

"Like the lawyers say "That's all we do and we do it well" JD can say the exact same, or he could be Mach 10. Ten times faster than mach one where I had a remote done before, and was extremely disappointed.

You can't beat his price either.

For me it was a 35 minute drive from home and I would drive twice that for such service, it is well worth the drive.

Thanks so very much!"

"Very professional and quick service(about an hour). My 1st remote start install and JD was very helpful in showing me the process. Highly recommend him for your remote start and alarm needs!"

"This weekend my wife and I had JD install a 2-way remote on my 2008 Hyundai. Not only was he fast and efficient, but he and his wife are just plain nice people. This very same remote starter package installed at another shop in the twin cities is $471. I am more than pleased to give my business to JD."

"He did a great job installed both my vehicals and couldn't be happier cheap and only took 3hours for both. Thanks buddy strongly recommend"

"JD has over 16 years experience and does quality work. He does this out of his home, so you save by not having to pay the retail front additional cost. I was running late to my appointment, but he was still able to squeeze me in and answered all of my questions once he was finished. His lovely wife was kind enough to take me to a local coffee shop to hang out while he worked, all told it took him only a hour and a half... and this was on a 2000 Subaru manual trans (extra work needed for manual transmission and paid for auto-on rear defrost). Very cost competitive, very happy with the value of the product and the service I received. Would recommend to any and everyone."

"I have been searching for a while for a place to get my car a remote starter and when i came to this site, the reviews sold me to know that I would have my car taken car of with JD. Timing was awesome, service was great, and he was super professional about everything. I would only recommend all of my friends and coworkers to go to JD."

"I am so happy that I found JD. I just had my remote starter installed last night. He had a great price, his work is FANTASTIC and he was fast! Just in time for winter! I would recommend him to anyone looking to get a remote starter. Thanks JD!!"

"I have been doing a lot of research on which Remote Starter & Security to purchase. After finding JD website and reading other people reviews I was really impressed by the product that he carries and his prices. I just had my unit installed today and I was really impressed by his expertise and his knowledge about remote starters. He is really good at what he does and by far the best price on the market. You would be amazed on how quick he installs the product. So don't wait in a cold car this Winter call or email him for your remote start unit."

"JD is the ultimate professional. He is super knowledgable and does a fantastic job with installation and any follow up questions that you may have. He works only with top quality products. He is very accessible by phone or email. We had our first remote start installed by him 3 years ago and just had a second one done last night. We have referred him to friends who have been thrilled with his work too. We have all gotten the AST-2524. His installations are quick and the price is right!"

"my appointment for my chey 2012 was for 9am, it was done by 9:30 am. very fast service. i took my last car to best buy, came back with grease spots and miss mounted dash parts and the wrong remote system, i'm very happy with this guys service, quick, the truck was all back as if never apart, and everything worked perfectly."

"Thank you so much. For working with my son and taking the time to program a new remote for the existing remote starter on my 2004 Tahoe. It is so great to start the vehicle on cold winter days without having to go outside."

"I had JD install a remote start as a Christmas present for my wife this past year in her Corolla. We couldn't be happier. JD's work was impeccable. He was very professional, prompt and his work was perfect. We going to have him install it on our other car as well. Thanks for the Fantastic work JD!"

"Great experience. JD was super helpful and was able to get us right in with only a few days notice. We dropped our van off on 12/8/12 and he called within a couple hours. I was so impressed that I decided to have him install another remote start in our second vehicle. I will definitely refer anyone to JD. Thanks!!"

"I just had my remote start installed dec 1st, works great! Absolutely love it! Super fast install in my town and country. I mean fast, under an hour! Great price compared to all others. I drove from wi to have him do the install. I highly recommend him."

"Had a remote starter installed in my Toyota Prius 2010 two years ago. No problems with it since! Great job!"

"Great job and appreciated the advice. I ended up with the RSS-2524 and love it. JD had it installed and tested in about an hour. Price was also very good. I would recommend JD to anyone."

"JD is a true professional! He knows the products he handles and how they compare to the others that are out there. By choice he chooses to only carry the best in remote starters. I believe that is the easy part. The hard part in which JD has mastered is customer service and high quality installation. I can tell you that his installation and wiring practices are first class. After all a system is as only as good as the way it is installed. I've been in the electrical/mechanical business for 20+ years most of the time repairing a wiring job that was not done right. I watched JD wire my wifes Trailblazer,I know that I will never need to repair the work that he did."

"J.D Installed a Remote start in my 2005 town and country ! I shopped around for a few weeks and I found his website. I was amazed by how JD's prices were Far cheaper than anywhere else I could find. Not only his prices are Amazing but his Knowledge and ability to install the unit will blow your mind ! Very excellent customer service too! He was very polite Friendly. and did the job in a very timely fashion ! and also Very clean work ! Left nothing to hide Looks Great and Works Really Good ! and He took the time to give me a very thurough training on how to use my new toy !! Highly Recommend You call him !!"

"Thanks JD, my new CompuStar starter has been working great, I'm getting fantastic range from the conference room of our building to the far side of the parking lot. The install looks neat and trim, I'm very happy with everything."

"JD did an excellent job. He installed the AstroStart system in only about an hour and a half and it was a very professional/clean install. He even did the install on short notice on a Sunday afternoon. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a remote start/alarm solution for their vehicle."

"To tell the truth, we were shopping for "Price", but we got much more. Yes, JD provided the remote starter and full install for the best price we could find anywhere. JD is a friendly and courteous young man, his installation is first-rate & quick, the product seems very good, and all done on a schedule that worked for us. My wife & I recommend him to everyone we know who might need a remote start unit."

"Excellent Service!!! Very knowledgeable, and professional. I will definitely recommend to others. JD made every effort to ensure complete satisfaction."

"All I can say is "Thank you!" JD is extremely knowledgable in his field, very professional and performs quality work. I have had other remote starts by other companies and I havn't found any one that compares to JD. I am now a customer for life!!! You can buy with confidence here!"

"Was glad to find JD still installing AstroStart remote starting systems. I've had great luck with these in the past and his installation skills are top notch."

"This gentleman was very professional and really seemed to know his stuff. Even though I arrived a few minutes late he was able to get me in and out faster than he quoted on the phone. I would highly recommend this guy for future installs. Great Job!"

26 Years Experience
Professional Installation!

With 26 years experience in the 12volt industry I have installed just about everything in just about every make of vehicle. I have been doing high end remote start installs the entire 26 years. Having owned my own retail shop for 5 years I understand the concerns and doubts associated with remote starters and alarms.

Let me assure you that I know what I'm doing; using the latest technology and resources to install all products fast and professionally you will be happy with the results. In some cases a vehicle is new to me, but before I ever touch the vehicle I do the research to make sure it can be done in a safe way for you and the vehicle.

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