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Prime R3 2way

Prime R3 2way

Standard Installed Features:

  • Engine Start/Stop
  • Able to do keyless entry too (optional)
  • Up to 3000 Ft. Range
  • (1) 2way LED 1 Button Remote
  • (1) 1way 1 Button Remote
  • Gas & Diesel Capable
  • Manual Transmission Safe
  • Parking Light Confirmation
  • Operating distance is based on ideal conditions, clear line of sight with no obstructions or interference.
  • Additional parts/labor may be necessary for installation in your vehicle.
    Additions range from $20-$180

Optional Features:

  • Lock/Unlock (Keyless Entry) $20
  • Smart Phone Control $150Provides Unlimited Range
    1st 30 Days of Service FREE
  • Rear Defrost Activation $40
  • Manual Transmission $70
  • Heated Seat Activation $40/Drivers Seat, $20/Passenger Seat
Owner's Manual
Starting at $260.00
*Additional parts and labor may be necessary for installation in your vehicle.

Customer Reviews
Overall Rating of 5 out of 5
Remote review

"Product works perfectly. I was totally amazed at the experience shown during installation. It would have taken me 3 days to figure out the wiring and hook up chart. His 21 years resulted in having the dash apart and totally installed in 45 minutes. Great job. I like the at home installation. If there is an issue I can get a personal response and not a big name "take a number" feeling."

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Very happy

"I am lucky that I got referral from brother to have remote starter installed with JD. what a great host while waiting for remote to be installed. JD make comfortable just like being at my house. I love the product and would like to refer more people to JD in near future. What a great service at decent price."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Very Satisfied!

"Super happy with my Compustar Prime R3. Installation was quick. I’d recommend Remotely Started for anyone. MN winters are too cold and too long to live without a remote starter!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Compustar Install

"I have had the Compustar in my truck for about a month now , works great. Being able to do business with a local family owned/run business is great !!! Highly recommend Remotely Started !!!!"

Was this review helpful to you? 

"It has been a very cold winter in MN. I park outside for work. This new remote starter has been amazing. I can start my car from inside and, by the time I get to the car, it's warmer and has begun defrosting.
Remotely Started was awesome. Easy to find an installation time that worked with our schedule. it was installed in less than 2 hours. His instructions were very clear and it is easy to operate. We had purchased a device from him last fall for our daughter. She lives in an apartment with no indoor parking. She loves it!
We had purchased a remote started several years ago from Best Buy. Had nothing but trouble with the device after waiting 2 months for installation."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great Work!

"Price and labor was decent. Did not take long at all for installation."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Good product

"Good product I highly recommend. Remotely Startered Mn was very professional and easy to work with Thank you."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great Product Great service!

"This is my second Compustar R3 and it works great. I even recommended it to my son and he put one in. Works great!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Repeat Customer

"Repeat Customer here. Very happy with the product and Customer service was top notch! Thanks"

Was this review helpful to you? 

"This is my 4th/5th car I’ve had Remotely Started up-grade for me.
I have, do, & will continue to recommend them for this service."

Was this review helpful to you? 

"Excellent service quick installation would definitely recommend his service to everyone."

Was this review helpful to you? 
R3 2 way

"Wonderful product. Prompt and courteous service. Everything I was promised (price, installation, extras, etc.) were exactly spot on. I would recommend to anyone looking for good, old-fashion quality and service."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great Service

"I have used Remotely Started twice: once for my car several years ago, and just this past month for my wife's Xmas gift: great service and product and very happy with both starters and would use them again in the future whenever we get a new car."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great service

"We love the remote starter. It works great and the service was awesome!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Should of done it sooner

"Quick install great service. Starter works awesome wish I would of done it years ago."

Was this review helpful to you? 

"Great service and excellent product. This is our second starter from this company and we will continue to be customers and to recommend to others."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Remote start

"Service done in less than 30min surprisingly quick and has perform flawless. great expertise as described thankyou"

Was this review helpful to you? 
R3 2 Way

"I have had my started for about 2 months now. First of all if it's your first time here don't be surprised to find you're in a residential area. Great service. Everyone else wanted my car for the entire day. JD took less than 45 minutes start to finish. My remote works great and I love the 2 way. My old car didn't have that and you never knew if it had actually started or not. I would definitely recommend JD, Brooklyn and the R3 2 WAY starter!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Works like a charm

"We arrived at our scheduled time to have the R3 2-Way remote starter installed and the installation was done in less that 30 minutes. I did have a little battery snafu where I replaced me car battery 2 days after my install and the remote start would not work (mostly my fault. I needed a new battery and should have gotten on before the remote start install), but I contacted JD immediately and he was very responsive and helped me rectify the issue. Works like a charm every time! Also, JD and Brooklynn are very welcoming and professional and that is a huge plus!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
R3 2-Way

"I had a remote that I did thru Groupon and it never really work my boyfriend had his done here and was very excited how well this product works and what a great job JD did installing it. I would highly recommend Remote Start to everyone!!!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
R3 2-way

"We put auto starts in two of our vehicles and we are very happy with the results! The service was great with a very quick turn time. Would highly recommend to anyone to use them!"

Was this review helpful to you? 

"Absolutely love my Prime R3 2way!! I love the fact that the 2 way lets me know that it has started, I also like how fast they were to install this into my vehicle, about an hour! JD and Brooklyn are very friendly people to work with also!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great product and service

"Love the R3. Easy to use. The service is excellent, installation was done in 45 minutes."

Was this review helpful to you? 

"I purchased the R3 two way for my wife. She loves it. It is easy to use and the fob is just the right size. I would highly recommend this product."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Awesome R3 2way

"I’ve had the R3 2way for 4 weeks now and love it. Easy to use, long range, 2 way confirmation that car has started! You’ll love it too!"

Was this review helpful to you? 

"I purchased the R3 remote start and love it so far I've never had one before this one is simple and very affordable. I highly recommend this."

Was this review helpful to you? 

"We got the remote start put in primarily so that we can leave our dog in the car while we are running an errand or having lunch etc. We want to make sure she is cool in the summer and warm in the winter! We had enjoyed the one we had put in a couple years ago so much that when we bought another car we went right away and had JD install this one. Great service and great product at a Reasonable price."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Repeat customer

"Had the Compu Star R3 2 way starter installed in my truck. Love the long range and feedback chirp when the vehicle starts. This remote fob also replaces your OEM key fob. Smooth install in under 1 hour and comfortable indoor waiting area. Thanks JD and Brooklyn."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Excellent product

"My husband and I splurged a little for the Compustar Prime R3 2-way and are very happy that we did. The extra distance really makes a huge positive difference and the confirmation signal is super nice-particularly when your vehicle is far away enough to be out of view. I would absolutely recommend it. I wish we'd installed it earlier. :)"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great Service

"Brooklynn and JD are great to work with and very professional. Highly recommend gettting ur remote starter with them."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great product

"The Compustar Prime R3 2 way is a great remote starter. I love the size of it and the one button. I would recommend this starter to anyone."

Was this review helpful to you? 

"The install took 30 min for my vehicle. I waited inside and they were the perfect hosts! Everything works smoothly. I love the two way starter since sometimes you're not sure if you're too far away for it to work. I saw reviews that the chirping from the remote was too loud but I don't mind it at all. I can't seem to start from inside my work but that could be the concrete of the ramp my car is in or the distance. Understandable in my mind so not bothered. The distance still is way better than the factory one I had in my old car. Love it!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Slick Time Saver

"Prime R3 2way works like a champ--3000ft remote range is the real deal, and I've had no trouble from inside various buildings. I highly recommend a 2way system for the confirmation signal. Key fob is simple to operate. If you like a warmed up car for longevity's sake or just added comfort, this product is a significant time saver, and takes some of the sting out of bitter cold Minnesota."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great product and service

"I couldn't have been happier with the hospitality and the reliability of the starter and my girlfriend who got the starter couldn't be happier. It hasn't had a time where it hasn't worked and will hands down go back for another starter."

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great starter

"The starter is working flawlessly for my wife. It has started the car every time and the range is fantastic. She was amazed when we walked out of the Xcel Energy Center after a Wild game and she started the car in the MN History Center lot a little under a mile away. Great product!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Remote Starter

"The Compustar R3 was the 3rd/4th starter I have had these guys install in vehicles. Great starter, great service!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Another Great Experience

"Another great product from Compustar the R3 is simple and very dependable so far. The one button operation works great for my mother in law to use and reaches a perfect distance so I know she’ll be comfortable when getting into her SUV. Thanks for a Great product !!!"

Was this review helpful to you? 
Great Product

"This is a great product, simple and compact. Just one button which makes it easy - One press to lock, double press to unlock, and press and hold for 3 seconds to remote start (and also to remote shutdown). Works reliably every time - it has never failed to start, and I have not been able to truly test the start distance as it always works.

My only gripe is the 2-way remote confirmation beeps 3 times fairly loudly. You may like that feedback but I wish there was option to make it only flash lights. I've resorted to using the 1-way remote (The pack includes one of each remote) as the range is still farther than I need and it has never not started. Otherwise awesome product."

Was this review helpful to you? 
22 Years Experience
Professional Installation!

With 22 years experience in the 12volt industry I have installed just about everything in just about every make of vehicle. I have been doing high end remote start installs the entire 22 years. Having owned my own retail shop for 5 years I understand the concerns and doubts associated with remote starters and alarms.

Let me assure you that I know what I'm doing; using the latest technology and resources to install all products fast and professionally you will be happy with the results. In some cases a vehicle is new to me, but before I ever touch the vehicle I do the research to make sure it can be done in a safe way for you and the vehicle.

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